Saturday, January 28, 2012

Flowery Circle skirt

I completed my first circle skirt in the beginning of January! :)
 A self drafted Circle skirt made with this tutorial! It was a great tutorial and I will do more circle skirts!
 I didn't hem it, instead I sewed with black bias tape. 
And of course I made it in real 50's style with an elastic waistband. 

I also made the skirt high waisted, and know I'm walking around with a big belt where the waist ends. 
I really love it, and I will be using it a lot, even now when it's snow outside! And I will for sure be making more circle skirts, but next time I wan't to do one with an ordinary waistband! 


  1. Tack, vad roligt att du tycker det! :)
    Vilken fin kjol förresten, en sån skulle jag också vilja göra!

  2. that's a really lovely skirt! :D and wow... all the hard work that you're put into sewing the hem with bias tape! ;)