Thursday, July 7, 2011

BurdaStyle 3/2011 #127

Fabric: 1.2 m, Elastic Jersey 79 sek/m
Pattern: BurdaStyle 3/2011 #127
Hours: 2
Size: 38/40
I started this projekt before I went to France and I did the last five minutes of it yesterday. It was really easy but they wanted be to sew the neckline by hand, I sewed it on the machine. They did also wan me to do the hems pon the sleeves by hand, but I decided to just do some zigzag, because I'm going to fold the sleeves anyway. 
I did decide to start using points on everything I make, from now (going to explain it later). And thi is the points:
Pattern: 1
Cost: 1
So, I have 3 points after one project!

And at last I just wanted to say that I recomend the fabric and the pattern, both of them were easy to work with. 

I also wanted to say what my sister sad when she saw the jersey: "Where did you buy that? I want one!"

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  1. aww, vad glad jag blir! :D söt blogg btw! ♥